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Utah AG Intervenes To Halt Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples

Friday Apr 11, 2014
The Utah Attorney General is asking a state appeals court to block two adoptions recently approved for same-sex couples.

Witness in Mich. Trial Testifies ’Gays Going to Hell’

Friday Mar 7, 2014
Testimony has ended in a trial over Michigan’s ban on gay marriage after a Canadian economist made unflattering remarks about homosexuals.

Idaho Gay Couple can Adopt Children, State Supreme Court Rules

Wednesday Feb 12, 2014
The Idaho Supreme Court says gay and lesbian couples have the same right to adopt children as anyone else under state law.

Portugal’s Gay Adoption Rights Placed in Doubt

Friday Jan 17, 2014
Portugal’s limited adoption rights for same-sex couples are in doubt after Parliament voted for a referendum on the divisive issue.

Pope Francis ’Shocked’ by Gay Adoption Bill

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Dec 30, 2013
Pope Francis was apparently "shocked" over a bill that would grant same-sex couples the right to adopt children in Malta.

Northern Ireland Gov’t Legalizes Same-Sex Adoption

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Dec 12, 2013
A ban prohibiting same-sex and unmarried couples from adopting children in Northern Ireland has been lifted.

Michigan’s 2004 Gay Marriage Ban Faces Challenge

By Ed White | Wednesday Oct 16, 2013
Two Detroit-area nurses wanted to adopt each other’s children, not rewrite Michigan law on gay marriage. But their lawsuit could end up overturning a 2004 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage that passed by a landslide.

Gay Couples to Sue Nebraska To Become Foster Parents

Monday Aug 26, 2013
Three same-sex couples plan to sue Nebraska because they say the state won’t allow them to become foster parents.

Puerto Rico to Debate New Gay Rights, Gender Bills

By Danica Coto | Wednesday Aug 14, 2013
Religious groups in Puerto Rico are protesting proposed laws that would allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt and would establish a public school curriculum examining gender issues including sexual orientation.

New Study: No Difference Between Gay & Straight Adoptive Parents

By David Perry | Monday Jul 29, 2013
A recently released study by the Williams Institute confirms there is no difference in the behavioral outcomes of adopted children raised in same-sex households when compared to those raised by heterosexual couples.