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Texas Dems Unveil Pro-LGBT Platform: Ban Conversion Therapy

By Bobby McGuire | Wednesday Jul 2, 2014
The Texas Democratic Party is putting gay rights front and center this November at the ballot box with a platform that calls for a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors, marriage equality and employment non-discrimination.

Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting 2 Lesbian Teens in S. Texas

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Jun 23, 2014
Authorities arrested a man Friday whom they believe shot a young lesbian couple nearly two years ago.

Texas GOP Chairman Rejects Party’s Policy on Conversion Therapy

By EDGE | Friday Jun 20, 2014
Rifts continued to form in the Texas Republican Party this week when state GOP chairman Steve Munisteri went on the record rejecting the party’s recently adopted plank language condoning gay conversion therapy.

Perry’s Gay Conversion / Alcoholism Analogy Continues to Draw Fire

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Jun 19, 2014
Texas Gov. Rick Perry was once again blasted this week for comments he made last week comparing homosexuality to alcoholism. He’s also been criticized for the Texas GOP’s platform, which now supports conversion therapy.

Texas Judge Won’t List Gay Dads on Kids’ Birth Certificates

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Jun 19, 2014
A Texas judge has denied two gay men the right to have their names placed on the birth certificates of their newborn twins, because the couple is married.

Cooper Goes Head-to-Head With Texas Republican Over Conversion Therapy

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Jun 13, 2014
CNN’s Anderson Cooper confronted Texas Republican State Rep. Bryan Hughes over his party’s decision to advocate conversion therapy in its platform.

Texs Gov. Perry Discusses View of Homosexuality

Thursday Jun 12, 2014
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, during a visit that focused primarily on economic issues, drew on a reference to alcoholism to explain his view of homosexuality.

Anti-Gay Texas GOP Platform Adds Fuel to Davis Campaign

By EDGE | Tuesday Jun 10, 2014
In an address during a Human Rights Campaign PAC event Friday, in Austin, Democratic candidate for governor, Wendy Davis, took aim at the new plank language on LGBT rights in the Texas GOP platform.

A Look at Debate Over Therapy for Gays, Lesbians

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Jun 6, 2014
The Texas Republican Party is considering endorsing psychological treatment that seeks to turn gay people straight. Adding such language to its new platform would contrast with efforts in some other states to limit such counseling.

Texas GOP Changes Platform Language on Homosexuality to Endorse Conversion Therapy

By Bobby McGuire | Thursday Jun 5, 2014
Congratulations gay republicans in the Lone Star State! The draft platform for the Texas GOP has upgraded you from "pariah" to "mistake."