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Christie Named By Anti-Gay Group As Co-Defendant In Appeal On Conversion Ban Decision

By EDGE | Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
With the "Bridgegate" scandal barely behind him, the New Jersey governor and 2016 GOP presidential hopeful has been named as a co-defendant in an appeal filed by hate group Liberty Cousel to overturn the states ban on gay conversion therapy.

Bad News Bachmann! Minn. Could Be Next to Ban Conversion Therapy

By EDGE | Tuesday Jan 14, 2014
Bad news, Marcus Bachmann. A state representative introduced a bill Monday in the state legislature to ban gay conversion therapy in Minnesota. If passed, the gopher state will join California and New Jersey in banning the discredited practice.

Sen. Marco Rubio to Speak at Anti-Gay Fundraiser

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Nov 12, 2013
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser for Mat Staver, an anti-gay activist who has supported Malawi’s ban on homosexuality and is also suing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for signing a bill into law that bans conversion therapy.

NJ Couple Sues Christie Over Gay ’Therapy’ Ban

Monday Nov 4, 2013
A southern New Jersey couple has sued Gov. Chris Christie over his signing of a bill banning so-called gay conversion therapy, claiming it violates their constitutional rights.

Pa. Lawmakers to Introduce ’Conversion Therapy’ Ban for Minors

Tuesday Sep 17, 2013
Pennsylvania lawmakers plan to introduce a bipartisan bill to protect the state’s children by banning mental health providers from engaging in anti-gay "conversion therapy" for minors.

’It Really Works!’ Gay-to-Straight Conversion

By Michael Cox | Sunday Sep 1, 2013
An ex-gay advocacy group has made a video featuring what they claim to be the successful gay-to-straight conversion of Trace McNutt, a "satanic" drag queen "on a downward spiral to death," who had the gay loved out of him.

Calif Court Upholds 1st Ban on Gay-to-Straight Therapy

Thursday Aug 29, 2013
A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld the nation’s first-of-its-kind law in California prohibiting health practitioners from offering psychotherapy aimed at making gay youth straight.

Ex-Gays: We Should Get an Apology from Exodus as Well

By Michael Cox | Tuesday Aug 27, 2013
Christopher Doyle, voice of the voiceless ex-gay movement, demanded an apology from Exodus International on his website Monday. Recognizing that the now disbanded organization would never apologize to him, he wrote an apology to himself in their name.

Ex-Gay Award Goes to Defender of Underage Conversion Therapy

By Michael Cox | Tuesday Aug 27, 2013
Dean Mathew D. Staver of the Liberty Counsel will be honored with the premiere Ex-Gay Freedom Award. Staver has been on the front lines of the movement to defend the rights of counselors who want to change the sexual orientation of underage clients.

Pew Republishes Sobering Statistic As Christie Signs Gay Conversion Ban

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Aug 22, 2013
A 2012 poll finds that 36 percent of Americans believe LGBT people can "change" their sexual orientation. The data was released shortly after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a bill into law, banning conversion therapy in the state.