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Criminal Justice System Awash with Anti-Gay Animus?

By Sasha Razumikhin | Monday May 26, 2014
In a newly released 84 page report, the Center for Gender & Sexuality Law at Columbia Law School says LGBT people "face sweeping discrimination at all stages of the criminal legal system."

Uganda: Groups Report Surge in Gay Rights Abuses

Thursday May 15, 2014
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are reporting a surge in the rights violations of gay people in Uganda following the enactment of a severe anti-gay law.

4 Accused Gays Whipped in North Nigerian Court

Thursday Mar 6, 2014
A human rights network says four young men convicted of having gay sex have been whipped publicly in an Islamic court in northern Nigeria.

Jordan Arrests 10 Gays and Lesbians For Holding a Reception

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Feb 28, 2014
Jordan authorities arrested 10 alleged gays and lesbians this week for holding a get-together at a party hall in east Amman.

Uganda Health Minister: Gays Will Still Get Care

By Rodney Muhumuza | Wednesday Feb 26, 2014
The medical workers who knew he was gay ignored him, attending to those who arrived after him as they openly gossiped about his homosexuality.

Hating Gays the Same As Hating Gingers, Says Russkies

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Feb 12, 2014
Angry over the recent British TV documentary "Hunted" about gangs who beat up gays, Russia has turned the finger on the reporters, saying it’s the same as anti-redhead animus in the UK.

IOC Official: Terrorism Only an Issue Because No One Cares About Anti-Gay Law

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Jan 29, 2014
A Canadian official from the International Olympic Committee says the concern over terrorist activities at the upcoming Sochi Olympics is the result of the media losing interest in Russia’s highly controversial anti-gay laws.

Man Lashed 20 Times for Sodomy in Nigerian Court

By Shehu Saulawa | Thursday Jan 16, 2014
A young man convicted of sodomy was whipped 20 times Thursday in a northern Nigerian Shariah court.

5 Women Arrested Under Senegal’s Anti-Gay Law

By Robbie Corey-Boulet | Tuesday Nov 12, 2013
Senegalese police detained five women accused of violating the country’s anti-gay law, highlighting increased pressure on suspected lesbians in the deeply homophobic West African nation, an activist group said Tuesday.

Sister Cities Spat :: Will Reykjavik Dump Moscow Over Anti-Gay Law?

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Jul 15, 2013
Jon Gnarr, the mayor of Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, wants to cut ties with Moscow after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the "homosexual propaganda" measure into law last month.