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No Refugee Status for Gay Ugandans, Says Namibia

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Apr 17, 2014
Namibia’s Commissioner for Refugees Nkrumah Mushelenga said that gay and lesbian Ugandans will never be granted refugee status in his country.

In Uganda, Nurse Accused of Spreading HIV

By Rodney Muhumuza | Sunday Apr 13, 2014
A nurse who tried to give an injection to a distraught child was accused of attempting to infect it with HIV when she accidentally pricked herself, then tried to administer the injection.

Uganda: Police Raid US Project that Assisted Gays

By Rodney Muhumuza | Friday Apr 4, 2014
A Ugandan government spokesman says police have raided the offices of a United States-funded project known to offer AIDS services to homosexuals.

Will Another Anti-Gay Law Come to Tanzania?

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Apr 1, 2014
Although Tanzania already has an anti-gay law that sentences those found guilty of homosexuality activity to 20 years to life in prison, a member of the East Africa country’s parliament is drafting a new bill that would go further.

Uganda Holds ’Thanksgiving’ Event for Anti-Gay Law

Monday Mar 31, 2014
President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has launched fresh condemnation of gays, saying they deserve punishment because homosexuality "is criminal and it is so cruel."

Despite New Law, Ugandan Cleric Ministers to Gays

By Rodney Muhumuza | Saturday Mar 29, 2014
Young men sing hymns and recite the Bible before the Rev. Christopher Senyonjo gives a sermon on human sexuality. When the service is over some go to his desk, one by one, for counselling no other Ugandan religious leader is known to offer gays.

U.S. to Take Immediate Action on Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Mar 24, 2014
The Obama Administration has briefed key members of Congress on immediate steps the U.S. would take in reviewing all U.S. funded programs in Uganda.

Uganda Official: U.S. Cuts Up To $6 Million In Aid

Friday Mar 21, 2014
Uganda’s health minister says the government has lost up to $6 million in annual U.S. government support over the East African country’s new anti-gay law.

Cows Aren’t Gay, So People Aren’t Gay, Says Uganda’s First Lady

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Mar 20, 2014
The first lady of virulently anti-gay country Uganda says that homosexuality isn’t natural, arguing that because cows aren’t gay, people can’t be gay, either.

Uganda Police Arrest Same-Sex Couple in Hotel Under Anti-Gay Law

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Mar 12, 2014
Two Ugandan gay men were arrested this week after they were caught having sex in a hotel.