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Coffman Signs On: ENDA Gains One New GOP Co-Sponsor

By EDGE | Thursday Apr 10, 2014
US Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado has added his voice to a few Republicans and 196 Democrats in congressional support of the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Gay Group Raps White House on Discrimination Order

By Josh Lederman | Sunday Apr 6, 2014
The nation’s largest gay rights group is criticizing the White House for saying that an executive order barring discrimination against federal contractors would be redundant if Congress passes a White House-supported bill.

Amid House intransigence, Democrats Could Attempt to Force ENDA Vote

By Justin Snow | Thursday Apr 3, 2014
With congressional Democrats seeking to force a vote on immigration reform in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives through the use of a discharge petition, the White House indicated Wednesday its openness to using a similar strategy.

Ask Lambda Legal: Out At Work

By EDGE | Monday Mar 17, 2014
I just applied for a new job, and am not sure if I should be "out" during the interview process. I don’t think my state protects employees from being discriminated against. Can I be out at my interview or at work without risk of being rejected or fired?

Reject the Gays, Says Va. Congressman

By Winnie McCroy | Thursday Dec 5, 2013
A Virginia House Republican is causing friction among colleagues by pushing the House GOP campaign to withhold support for the party’s gay candidates.

John Boehner Says ENDA is ’Unnecessary’

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Nov 15, 2013
House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) says he finds ENDA "unnecessary" and that the measure would lead to "frivolous lawsuits."

After Senate Win Gay Groups Shift Focus to Obama

By JuliePace | Friday Nov 8, 2013
Moments after the Senate passed a historic measure to outlaw workplace discrimination against gays, activists turned their attention toward President Barack Obama and a long-sought executive order that would have the same effect, though much smaller.

Drafting ENDA’s Battle Plan in the House

By Justin Snow | Friday Nov 8, 2013
Boehner’s opposition is indicative of the uphill battle advocates have always known they would face on ENDA in the House with its current composition.

Senate Passes ENDA

By Donna Cassata | Thursday Nov 7, 2013
The Senate has approved a bill outlawing workplace discrimination against gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

’The Gayest Year in Gay History’: Rights Piling Up; Battles Still Ahead

Wednesday Nov 6, 2013
From one end of the country to the other, the overlapping developments on a single day underscored what a historic year 2013 has been for the U.S. gay-rights movement - "the gayest year in gay history," according to Fred Sainz of the Human Rights Campaign