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Two UK Men Accused of Blackmailing Gay Men on Grindr

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Jul 9, 2014
Two men from the United Kingdom have been charged with blackmailing gay men via the social media app, Grindr.

Gay U.K. Man Jailed for Embezzling $250K to Pay Off His Wife

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Feb 26, 2013
A British gay man has been sentenced to two years in jail after a judge rejected his argument that he needed over $250,000 embezzled from his employer to pay her off for not revealing his sexual orientation.

Kenyan Police Accused of Entrapping & Blackmailing Gay Men

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Sep 5, 2012
An LGBT Kenyan website released a report that has solid proof that the East African nation consistently entraps gay men and then blackmails them.

Media Matters Founder Says Ex Blackmailed Him for $850K

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Feb 28, 2012
The founder of the liberal watchdog group Media Matters, David Brock, was blackmailed for $850,000 by his ex-partner, William Grey.

Suspect’s lawyer says Letterman ’manipulates’

Monday Oct 5, 2009
The defense lawyer for the CBS News producer charged with trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman is calling the talk-show host "a master at manipulating audiences."

Letterman admits affairs after report of blackmail

By David Bauder | Friday Oct 2, 2009
A CBS News employee is accused of trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman, forcing the late-night host to admit in an extraordinary monologue before millions of viewers that he had sexual relationships with female employees.
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