A Porn Star Is Born

by Robert Nesti
EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor
Friday Jul 9, 2004
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No one sings “The Manhole that Got Away” in “A Porn Star is Born,” Raging Stallion’s sizzling release, but it does take its cues from the vehicle that served Judy Garland well. In it a major porn star (Michael Soldier) finds his career eclipsed by his hot, younger lover (Shane Rollins) and goes off on a binge. It would all seem pretty silly if it wasn’t so hot, but the film has everything going for it: excellent production values, well-photographed sex, a coherent story, and even some good acting by its hunky cast.

The movie came about when director Chris Ward and his partner Maurice were watching old movies, specifically “Sunset Boulevard” and the original 1937 version of “A Star is Born.” Maurice challenged Chris to make a movie based on those films, and Chris obliged. His idea was to provide an insider’s view of the male porn industry, one that shows its bad side as well as its good.

The story follows Soldier, who won the 2004 GAYVN Awards Best Actor Award for his performance, as a porn star whose career is peaking; making matters worse is that he’s losing out to his current partner, the adorable Rollins, by far one of the major finds of any studio in the past few years. His career making scene is a striking sequence with super-hung Michael Brandon on the deck of a boat beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Rollins becomes an overnight sensation, while Soldier turns to becoming a rock musician. (In real life he’s a member of a rock band called Pepperspray.)

As in the Garland film, Soldier disrupts a porno award ceremony where Rollins has won a major award that he had won the previous year. Humiliated, he finds his way home where he confronts his demons by watching one of his lover’s newest titles (a scene from the Raging Stallion release “Probe”).

The narrative structure is much stronger than most porn movies, with more developed characters and acting that doesn’t leave you wincing or pressing fast forward on the remote. Best of all there’s the sex, which begins with a hot three-way featuring Soldier in a sex scene from one of his films. In it he’s an Arab sheik who has captured an Australian army officer (Brendan Austen), soon they’re joined by Marco Montana as another Arab who tag team with Austen’s tight ass. (Who wouldn’t?) The three-way ends with a master cum blast by the trio.

The next scene finds Soldier at home for a tender encounter with Rollins, whose cubbish looks, 9” inch dick, and perfect bubble butt has made him one of the hottest stars in porno today.

Rollins stars in the following scene, the one the film will likely be best remembered. Filmed on a yacht cruising San Francisco Bay, it features the porn star wannabe’s first sex scene: an encounter with super-hung top Michael Brandon. They blow each other under the Golden Gate Bridge, eat ass as they cruise by Alcatraz, and fuck with the city’s skyline in the background! How it was shot without anyone getting arrested is anyone’s guess!
The fourth scene – at forty minutes – is one of the longest found in a porn movie in recent memory. It again features Rollins, this time paired with the hung, Latin stud Victor Rios and the hot young pig bottom Jerek (my favorite new porn star!) Derek’s the boy with the amazing hole, seen in all its glory in “Chute.” After some serious cock worship, Rios and Rollins take to fucking Jerek.

Between the sex and the story, “A Porn Star is Born” is easily one of the best titles of the year.

”A Porn Star is Born,” from Raging Stallion Studios. $59.00. Available at, or at a retailer.

Amongst the additional features on the DVD is the ability to view four different edits of the film: an all sex edit, an all anal edit, an all blow job/oral edit, and the complete film. There is also a music video of Soldier singing “Porn is the New Black” as an added attraction.

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